Occupational Education

Steven C. Griffiths
Mariposa Hall
Faculty Offices
Normal Hours: 
Monday - Friday: 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Summer Hours: 
Monday - Thursday: 7:30 am-6:30 pm

People in this department:

Name Title Email Work Phone
James F. Cerven Jr Administration of Justice Faculty james.cerven@estrellamountain.edu 623.935.8924
Gilbert J Contreras Part-time Student Worker gilbert.contreras@estrellamountain.edu
Monique Emily Corella Part-time Student Worker monique.corella@estrellamountain.edu
Clarissa Davis Ragland Business Faculty clarissa.davisragland@estrellamountain.edu 623.935.8594
Duff Galda Education Faculty duff.galda@estrellamountain.edu 623.935.8705
Cheryl L. Gipson Thurman Administration of Justice Faculty cheryl.gipson.thurman@estrellamountain.edu 623.935.8310
Steven C. Griffiths Division Chair Occupational Education steven.griffiths@estrellamountain.edu 623.935.8862
Jarrett Recardo Hickman Adjunct Faculty jarrett.hickman@estrellamountain.edu
Amy Louise Hill Speech Language Pathology Faculty amy.hill@estrellamountain.edu 623.935.8853
Jon E. Hill Culinary Arts Faculty jon.hill@estrellamountain.edu 623.935.8560
Rachel J. Holmes Education Faculty rachel.holmes@estrellamountain.edu 623.935.8407
Sylvia Ong Business Faculty sylvia.ong@estrellamountain.edu 623.935.8457
Rene J. Rodriguez Manufacturing Technology Faculty rene.rodriguez@estrellamountain.edu 623.935.8503
Vanessa D Sanchez Administrative Secretary III vanessa.sanchez@estrellamountain.edu 623.935.8442
Kortney Rae Song Business Faculty kortney.song@estrellamountain.edu 623.925.8403
Lisa A. Vanbendegom Culinary Arts Lab Technician lisa.vanbendegom@estrellamountain.edu 623.935.8395