Office of the President

Angela Acuna
Estrella Hall
Normal Hours: 
Monday - Friday:
8:00 am-5:00 pm
Summer Hours: 
Monday - Thursday:
7:30 am-6:30 pm

People in this department:

Name Title Email Work Phone
Juwersa Abdin Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Rachel Aborne Program Coordinator [email protected] 623.935.8195
Lynn Abrams-Comtois Administrative Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8408
Frank Aceves Maintenance Ops Spec Supervisor [email protected]
Anastacia Achleitner Reading Tutors of Children FWS [email protected]
Laura Acree Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Angela Acuna Executive Assistant [email protected] 623.935.8016
Louis Adams Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Tiffany Adams Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Nuhara Adhamat Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Mojgan Afrakhteh Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Adriana Aguirre Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Chris Albin-Brooks Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Angelica Alcala Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Deanna Alcala Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Jessica Alderete Technology Support Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8123
Zuly Alfonzo Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Rakhad Alrawi Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Angelica Alvarez-Perez Program Specialist [email protected]
Maram Alwahedy Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Anastasia Amabisca English Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8489
Voxi Amavilah Economics Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8468
Gregory Amerind Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Chad Anderson Maintenance Ops Specialist [email protected]
Roanne Mae Angeles Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Travis Aniol Temporary Level 2 [email protected]
Victoria Apolinar Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Kathy Archer Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Leslie Arriaga Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Joel Arthur English Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8591
Mel Artz Mathematics Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8943
Jeremy Ashley Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Ramon Avila Custodian Senior [email protected]
Yolotzin Avila-Cruz Library Specialist [email protected]
Pearl Ayala Custodian [email protected]
Jo Ayres Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Susan Azimi-Thomas Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.535.5504
Elizabeth Baca Administrative Coordinator [email protected] 623.935.8001
Tracy Baker Computer Information Systems Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8064
Nagib Balfakih Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Frank Balkcom Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Dale Ballejos Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Karen Diane Baltajian CWR Dual Enrollment Instructor [email protected]
Becky Baranowski Dean [email protected] 623.935.8596
Nathaniel Barba Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Jay Barraza Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Arianna Barrera Temporary Level 2 [email protected]
Anthony Basile Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Susanna Battin Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Adam Bean Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Crystal Becton Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Rachel Bell Nursing Faculty [email protected]
Linda Benjamin Clinical Nursing Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8953
David Benson Engineering Faculty [email protected]
Rachel Bentley Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Miranda Bernard Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Eric Betancourt HVAC Specialist [email protected]
Ashley Betkowski Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Erin Bezdicek Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Avril Bingue Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Kadince Bishop Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Elizabeth Blair Director (Thr/Mus/Opera/Dance) [email protected]
Patti Blair Property Materials Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8147
James Blasko Police Officer [email protected] 623.935.8911
Erin Blomstrand English Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8332
Grant Boardman Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Thomas Bonham Software Developer Senior [email protected] 623.935.8132
Mitch Borst Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
April Boston Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8139
Courtney Bourgeous Program Analyst [email protected] 623.935.8248
Annette Bourne Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Kimberly Bower Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Nate Boyle General-FWS [email protected]
Thomas Boysen Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Xander Brandt Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Stephen Brauss Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Michelle Breaux Mathematics Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8351
John Brinker Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Dina Brodfuehrer Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Mary Broding Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Crystal Brooks Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Brian Brown Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Christopher Brown Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jasmine Brown General-FWS [email protected]
Megan Brown Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Zach Brown Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Sue Brumbaugh Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Mary Brumfield Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Lisa Buccigrosse Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.866.3398
Analicia Buentello English Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8320
Marie Buquicchio Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Andy Burch Faculty Chair 40 [email protected] 623.935.8955
Kendra Buringrud Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Ashley Burkart Biology Faculty [email protected]
John Burrey Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Kimberly Burton Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jon Busier Maintenance Operations Manager [email protected] 623.935.8920
Vanessa Bustamante Administrative Specialist Senior [email protected]
Tim Butterfield Program Manager [email protected] 623.935.8816
Darrick Byrd Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Tingting Cai Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Lisa Calderon Human Resources Analyst Senior [email protected] 623.935.8837
Quincy Campbell Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Elizabeth Cantu Communication Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8420
Pattie Cardenas-Adame Vice President [email protected] 623.935.8812
Rachel Carignan Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Magdalena Castillo Fiscal Director [email protected] 623.935.8839
James Castrejon Technology Support Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8763
Diana Castro Custodian [email protected]
Darren Causee Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Evan Cedor Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Romeo Celaya Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Chris Celeya Web Services Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8486
Alexandra Cervantes Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jim Cerven Administration of Justice Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8924
Jeff Chabot Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
John Chacon Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Nicolas Chagolla Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Justin Chang Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Weiru Chang Biology Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8081
Jim Chapa Administrative Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8724
Kamal Chatta Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Magali Chavez Program Coordinator [email protected]
Sandra Chavez Administrative Coordinator [email protected] 623.935.8025
Irakoze Chrissgerson Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Maria Cimpoiasu Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8139
Valeriu Cimpoiasu Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Rachel Cisney Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Michele Clark Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Thomas Cleary Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Garry Cole Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Christopher Coleman Psychology Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8952
Kimberly Collingwood Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Amy Collins Clinical Nursing Faculty [email protected]
April Colon Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Louise Comer Clinical Nursing Faculty [email protected]
Barbara Connelly Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Stacy Corbin Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Alvaro Corona Administrative Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8491
Rick Cotton Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Ethel Jane Crisostomo Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Marc Leonard Crisostomo Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Francisca Cronk Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Teresa Crosno Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Patrick Crowley Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Ray Cruz Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 602.619.1691
Jacob Cunningham General-FWS [email protected]
Stanley Cunningham Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Zachary Curcija Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Rebecca Currey Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8956
Amy Dallenbach Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Ashley Dalton Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Dan Dangelo Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Timothy Darby Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jeff Davis Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Olivia Davis Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Clarissa Davis Ragland Business Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8594
Sara de la Fuente Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Sarai De la Torre Jaramillo Reading Tutors of Children FWS [email protected]
Nathan Dean Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Jayne DeBrular Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Mark Dees Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Francine DeFurio Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Joe Delgado Police Commander [email protected] 623.935.8928
Maritza Delgado Fiscal Manager [email protected] 623.935.8074
Douglas Delong Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Sean Denny Manufacturing Technology Faculty [email protected]
Tracey Denten Instructional Services Coord Senior [email protected] 623.935.8245
Brittney Derrick Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Dwain Desbien Physics Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8474
Joana Desbien Fiscal Technician Senior [email protected] 623.935.8845
Dave Detloff Tech Support Supervisor [email protected] 623.935.8121
Anna Diaz Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Robert Diller Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Terry Dillon Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8139
Holly Dison Mathematics Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8028
Thuy Vy Doan Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jessica Dodd Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Amy Dorsett Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Steven Dotts Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Katherine Douglas Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8139
William Drey Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Marc Duarte Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Carrie Durbin Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Felicia Durden Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Karen Dyer Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Dan Eaton Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Patricia Eaton Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Eric Eckert Computer Information Systems Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8079
Megan Edwards Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 480.703.1004
DeAndra Eichenauer Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Anna Elledge Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jennifer Elliott Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Landis Elliott Workforce Dev Manager [email protected] 623.935.8220
Sharon Enck Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Michael Erwin Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Cuauhtemoc Espinoza Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.333.7235
Alexandria Everson Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Farhat Faisal Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8139
Michael Farabee Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Kevin Farmer Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jack Farnsworth Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
William Farrar Faculty Chair 40 [email protected] 623.935.8478
Ty Ferguson Administrative Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8972
Mike Ferketich Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Darryl Ferra Instructional Services Coord Senior [email protected] 623.935.8421
T.J. Ferrer Human Resources Director [email protected] 623.935.8836
Jimmy Fike Art Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8570
Amanda Fleitas Alvarez Pub/Priv NonProfit Agencies [email protected]
Barbara Flores Procurement Analyst [email protected] 623.935.8482
Jocelyn Flores Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Naomi Foote Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Aimee Ford Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Nikole Frago Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Salvador Franco-Carbajal Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Alexander Francuzik Instructional Services Coord Senior [email protected] 623.935.8117
Roderick Franklin Police Officer [email protected]
Rod Freeman English Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8451
Holly French Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected] 623.935.8183
Cesar Fuentes HVAC Specialist [email protected]
Anthony Fusco Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Rosalind Gaddy Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Chad Galligan Associate Vice President [email protected] 623.935.8075
Adolfo Gamez Community Relations [email protected]
Mary Garbacz Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.628.5530
Aaron Garcia Maintenance Ops Specialist [email protected]
Reina Garcia Custodian [email protected]
James Gatherer Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Shelby Gattis Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Amy S. Gerlofs Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Paul Getz Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Sana Ghazi Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Tina Giannini Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Brian Gill Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Patricia Gillem Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Cheryl Gipson Thurman Administration of Justice Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8310
Kimberlin Glenn Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 602.787.7748
Miguel Godoy Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Darcie Godwin Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Elena Gomez General-FWS [email protected]
Justice Gonzales General-FWS [email protected]
Alexandra Gonzalez Pub/Priv NonProfit Agencies [email protected]
Asem Gonzalez Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Enya Gonzalez Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Omar Gonzalez Network Administrator [email protected] 623.935.8430
Lou Goodman Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
David Gowey Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Matthew Grace Planning Research Analyst Senior [email protected] 480.731.8025
Teri Graham Mathematics Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8452
Steve Griffiths Culinary Arts Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8862
Katie Griggs Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Richard Gross Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 602.882.1238
Amanda Guerra Human Resources Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8093
Joseph Guerrero Nava Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Joi Guillory-Alicea Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jana Gunn Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Andrea Haar Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Kira Hancock Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Deloy "DJ" Hansen Police Sergeant [email protected] 623.935.8915
Terri Harris Mathematics Faculty [email protected]
Bryanna Harrison Temporary Level 2 [email protected] 602.223.4014
Ian Harvey Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Samer Hassan Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Kurt Hauser Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Carrie Hayter Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
James Healey Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jonathan Heard Part-time Student Worker [email protected] 623.935.8117
Justine Hecht Sociology Faculty [email protected]
Mark Hedley Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jim Heinrich Computer Information Systems Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8931
Jeff Hengesbach Physics Faculty [email protected]
Nathaniel Herrera Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Rene Herrera Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Crystal Herrera Alatorre General-FWS [email protected]
Amy Hill Speech Language Pathology Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8853
Debbie Hill Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Sandy Hill Planning Research Analyst Senior [email protected] 623.935.8083
Cary Hines Communications Writer [email protected] 623.935.8246
Elicia Hinton Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Emily Hirsch Service Fac Adjunct [email protected]
Katie Ho General-FWS [email protected]
Ty Hoffman Biology Faculty [email protected]
Luke Holden Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Akisha Holland Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Rachel Holmes Faculty Chair 40 [email protected] 623.935.8407
Annann Hong Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Josh Hontz Network Administrator [email protected] 623.935.8134
Dylan Hoody Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Emma Horlick Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Mandy Huang Library Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8194
Aden Hubbard Pub/Priv NonProfit Agencies [email protected]
Christopher Huber Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Michelle Hudson Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Kim Huff Service Fac Adjunct [email protected]
Randall Huff Laboratory Technician [email protected] 623.935.8714
Priscilla Hughes Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Amanda Hundley Clinical Nursing Faculty [email protected] 480.390.6841
Erik Huntsinger Economics Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8137
Kelley Hurley Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Ashur Peter Ibrahim Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Kimberly Igo Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Shania Ikirezi Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Brandelyn Jackson Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Tashenia Jackson Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Taylor Reed James Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jason Paul Janeway CWR ESS Educational Servicess [email protected]
Mariah Javalera Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Michael Jerry Technology Support Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8131
Kimber-Lee Jimenez Administrative Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8915
Amy Johnson Faculty Chair 40 [email protected] 623.935.8498
Kelly Johnson Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Leda Johnson Associate Vice President [email protected] 623.935.8868
Macy Johnson Student Learning Facilitator II [email protected]
Ruchi Joshi Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Erika Joy Puruleski Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jim Justice Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Deanna Kaech Administrative Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8062
Amy Kalfus Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Joseph Kalfus Culinary Arts Faculty [email protected]
Leon Kamins Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Stephen Kane Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Christine Kasallis Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Lisa M Kathman Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Kassandra Kellenberger Laboratory Technician Senior [email protected] 623.935.8393
Jesse Kenser Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Liam Kervin Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Melissa Keswick Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Linda Keyes Administrative Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8444
Ewa Kiecana Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Louis King Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Cassie A Kinney Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Thomas Knight Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Chris Koeth Service Fac Adjunct [email protected] 623.935.8139
Susan Dellheim Kolman Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Anthony Kolpin General-FWS [email protected]
Tyler C Konkle Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Maurisa O Konya Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Gregory J Korwin Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Zachary Kovach Geology [email protected] 623.935.8380
James Kreipel Groundskeeper [email protected] 623.935.8296
Michael D. Krieg Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jennifer E. Kuchemba Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Shelley LaBonty Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Samantha Lake Laboratory Technician [email protected] 623.935.8975
Glenda Lambert Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Maria Land Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Russell Lane Police Officer [email protected]
Megan S. Lang Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Andres Lara General-FWS [email protected]
Matthew LeBlanc Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected] 623.935.8153
Rean Kristel De Guzman Lebunfacil Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Lorie Ledford Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 602.319.5804
Chelsea A. Lee Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Ryan LeMoine Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jessica Lewis Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Francisco Licea Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Fiona Lihs Chemistry Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8702
Sharon Lind Administrative Coordinator [email protected] 623.935.8049
Laura L Linderman Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Marc Lindsay Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Evelyn Lisitzky Service Fac Adjunct [email protected] 623.845.3828
Paula Livingston, Ed.D. Vice President [email protected] 623.935.8583
Jose Llamas Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Gregory Lloyd Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Sarah Lockhart Mathematics Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8707
Edward Lodi Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Raquel Lopez Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Diana Lopez-Gonzalez Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Kelly Loucy Faculty Chair 40 [email protected] 623.935.8602
Cheryl Loudermelt Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jim Lowbrera Adjunct Instructor [email protected]
Hailey Luangphon Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Cheri Lubahn Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Carlos Lugo Temporary Level 2 [email protected]
Sheri Lunski Clinical Nursing Faculty [email protected]
Carlos Macias Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Megan D. Macias Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Debora Maddux Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Larry Madrigal Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jair Madrigal Morales Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Rodolfo Magallanes Barreras Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Brennan Mai Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Debra Maihofer Development Officer [email protected] 623.935.8815
Susan Malmo English Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8419
Allison Maltby Student Learning Facilitator II [email protected]
Linda Manning Psychology Faculty [email protected]
Shannon Manuelito Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8490
Alissa Manzoeillo PR Marketing Director College [email protected]
Terry Marks Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Charles Martel Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Julia Martin Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Anastasia Martinez Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Brianna Y. Martinez Federal Work Study [email protected]
Gael Martinez Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Joseph Martinez Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8139
Leslie Martinez General-FWS [email protected]
Sarahi Martinez Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Jennifer McArdle English Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8406
Kimberly McBride Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Steve McCabe Maintenance Ops Spec Supervisor [email protected] 623.935.8297
Ember McCall Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Angela McClure Physics Faculty [email protected]
Kristy McCullough Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Aaron Mccure General-FWS [email protected]
Holly J McCutcheon Student Learning Facilitator II [email protected]
Kristen McDaniel Temporary Level 2 [email protected]
Mason McDonald Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Benjamin McGuire Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Karen McGuire Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jean N. McKay Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Mark McKnight Info Sec Officer Senior [email protected] 623.935.8187
Tim McMichael Faculty Chair 40 [email protected] 623.935.8409
Jody McMullen Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Erin McNinch Student Learning Facilitator II [email protected]
Sara Meana Mathematics Faculty [email protected]
Alejandra Medina Garcia Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Jeffrey Meeks Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Pamela Meeks-Schall Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Ryan Mellinger Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Stephen Menard Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Joel Mendivil Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Robert S. Mengert Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Martina Meraz Instructional Services Director [email protected] 623.935.8477
Kande Mickelsen Service Fac Adjunct [email protected]
Dorothy Miller Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jeff Miller Biology Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8708
Kristy Miller Anthropology [email protected]
Polly Miller Computer Information Systems Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8154
Kristen Miologos Art Faculty [email protected]
Catherine Renee Mitchell Temporary Level 1 [email protected] 623.935.8014
James Mitter Fiscal Analyst Senior [email protected] 623.935.8842
Andre Moise Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Erick Molina Temporary Level 1
Alejandro Monroy Part-time Student Worker [email protected]
Daniel Morales Laboratory Technician Senior [email protected] 623.935.8156
Whitney Morgan Nursing Faculty [email protected]
Kyla Morrissey Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Thasanee Morrissey Program Analyst [email protected]
Michele Mosco Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Adrian Mosoianu Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Evan Moulton Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Tracy Moy Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Najmah Muhammad Instructional Designer/Tech [email protected] 623.935.8488
Heather Muns Reading Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8465
Jeremy Murphy Carpenter [email protected]
Stephanie Natividad Administrative Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8428
Brenda Nelson Student Services Analyst [email protected] 623.935.8949
Zane Neubeck Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Laurel Newell Temporary Level 2 [email protected]
Melanie Newell Chemistry Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8765
Daniel Nez Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Ashley Nguyen Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Amy Nichols Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
David R Nichols Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jim Nichols Computer Information Systems Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8065
Daniel Nishimura Audio Visual Specialist [email protected]
Edwin Noboa Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 602.339.1218
Kimberly Norman Clinical Nursing Faculty [email protected]
Stephen Nowbath Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Maria de Fatima Nunes Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Ponciano Nunez Roman Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Adriana Oliva Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Cynthia Olivas Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Bliss Olorunfemi Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Glen Olson Computer Information Systems Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8448
Sylvia Ong Business Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8457
Sylvia Orr Dean of instruction - Academic Affairs [email protected] 623.935.8413
Armida Ortega Human Resources Analyst Senior [email protected] 623.935.8326
Gisselle Ortega-Morales Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Gisselle Ortiz Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Roxana Ortiz Fiscal Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8847
Aaron Osborn IT Manager [email protected] 623.935.8133
Kristen Osborn Student Services Supervisor [email protected] 623.935.8446
Madeleine Ostwald Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jocelyne Osuna Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Donna J. Owens Administrative Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8061
Michelle Paleo Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Esmeralda Palomares Aragon Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Teresa Panneton Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Minerva Pargas Executive Special Assistant [email protected] 623.935.8005
Jazmin Parker Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Catherine Parmiter Biology Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8037
Karina Parra Quesada Public Safety Assistant [email protected]
Alexa Partida Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Rebecca Paxton Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Matt Pederson Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Steve Peist Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8449
Adrianne Penullar Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Adam Perez Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Sara Perry Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Cary Peskin Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.340.7529
Katherine Peterson Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Hannah Phipps-Yonas Biology Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8738
Daniel Pineda Business Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8705
Daniel Pineda Laboratory Technician Senior [email protected]
Barbara Ping Program Coordinator [email protected] 623.935.8329
Kayla Pino Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Caterina Pinzone Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8610
Vanessa Piper Student Services Analyst [email protected]
Alexander Pirehpour-Andrews English Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8094
Joe Pizzillo Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.7454
Mina Pjetrovic-Swarms Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Mitch Plehn Administrative Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8610
Rachel Pocknell Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Tabitha Poindexter Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Paul Polesky Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8061
Tom Polliard Computer Information Systems Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8559
Alexander Pompa Administrative Specialist Senior [email protected]
Shealsy Ponce Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Laura Popovici Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Laura Porritt Administrative Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8035
Filippo Posta Res Faculty Summer [email protected] 623.935.8038
Lori Potter Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Kele Preslar Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Nikol Price Faculty Chair 40 [email protected] 623.935.8087
Briana Procunier English Faculty [email protected]
Terri Propes Administrative Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8139
Madeline Pruitt Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Diana Puente Head Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Breanna Isabel Queiro Part-time [email protected]
Corina Quinn Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Anna Quinones Reading Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8780
Natalia Quinones Temporary Level 2 [email protected]
Koree Rabjohn Program Specialist [email protected]
Jennifer Radford Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Allison K. Rai Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jarod Raithel Biology Faculty [email protected]
Jannette Ramirez Front Office Support [email protected] 623.935.8866
Michael Ramming Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Tim Ramsey Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Spencer Randall Custodian [email protected]
Caesar Rangel Pub/Priv NonProfit Agencies [email protected]
Hazel Raymond Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Neil Raymond Biology Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8974
Brandi Read Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Vanessa Jade Real Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Liz Reed Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 602.888.1342
Daniel Reichstein Course Production Spec Senior [email protected] 623.935.8092
Kelsey Reiman Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Allen Reyes Chemistry Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8422
Aimee Rhoads Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8139
Richard Rhodes Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Brandon S. Rice Life Drawing Model [email protected]
Monty Richards Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Carmen Frances D Richardson Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Kristjana Richter Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Dillon J Riggs Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Joseph Rihl Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Eva P Rincon Federal Work Study [email protected]
Desiree Danielle Rinehart Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Estephanie Rios Rios Part-time [email protected]
Emily E Ritter Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Cheryl Ann Ritz Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Justine Rivas Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Mireya Rivas General-FWS [email protected]
Vidal Rivas Tech Support Supervisor [email protected] 623.935.8128
Luvia Rivera Mathematics Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8321
Natalie Rivera Mathematics Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8467
Rey Rivera College President [email protected] 623.935.8010
Brigitte Robinson Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.412.5336
Dennis D Robinson Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Jonathan Robles Director Alumni, Corporate, Foundation Relations [email protected] 623.935.8502
Lino Robles Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Samuel Robles Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Ricardo Robles Villalva Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Mauricio Rocha Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Elizabeth Rock Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Beatriz Rodriguez Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Caridad Rodriguez Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 602.246.6937
Christina Rodriguez Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Elisabeth Rodriguez Information Resources Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8891
Jose Rodriguez Mendez Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Anne M. Rogers CWR Dual Enrollment Instructor [email protected]
Christopher Rojas Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Manuel Rojas Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Matheson Romney Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Cecilia Rosales Faculty Chair 40 [email protected] 623.935.8463
Brenda Rosas Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Adam Rosillo Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Kristopher Rothermal Program Coordinator [email protected] 623.935.8197
Brenda Roundtree Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 480.461.7130
John H. Rowan Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 917.697.0292
Evelyn Ruiz Psychology Faculty [email protected]
Ivette Ruiz Administrative Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8223
Rodney Ruiz Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8139
Genay Runyan Fiscal Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8859
Kimberly Ruprecht Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jeremy Ruth Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Victoria Ryals Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Arnizza G. Salaiz Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Vianna Salas Pub/Priv NonProfit Agencies [email protected]
Anthony R Salcido Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Joel Salcido Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Muhammad Sandhu Biology Faculty [email protected]
Catalina Sandoval Library Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8192
MacKenzee Sardo Clinical Nursing Faculty [email protected]
Roberta Sartor Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Martha Saucedo Custodian [email protected]
Terri Saunders Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8139
Mark Sauve Part-time Student Worker [email protected]
Cassio Saverino Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Violet Sawyer General-FWS [email protected]
Phillip Schaefer Facilities Director [email protected]
Renae Schmucker Pub/Priv NonProfit Agencies [email protected]
Nathan Schneider Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jason Graham Schultz CWR Dual Enrollment Instructor [email protected]
Kristina Scott Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 602.243.8063
Curtis L Sebren Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Nadine Sellers Instructional Services Director [email protected] 623.935.8319
Paul S. Serban Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Francisca Serrano Villa Custodian [email protected]
Russ Shaffer Chemistry Faculty [email protected]
Jennifer Shannon Mathematics Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8706
Steven Shapiro Program Manager [email protected]
Kyla Shearer Technology Support Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8059
Linda Shepherd Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.845.3625
Zoe Shepherd Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Myra S Shorts Federal Work Study [email protected]
Kevin N Shufford Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jessica Siano Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Elena Sibley Administrative Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8294
Chad Sieger Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Tracy Sieglaff Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Brittney Sifford English Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8762
Amaris G Sifuentes Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Anna Sifuentes Fiscal Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8843
Andrew Silva Library Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8196
Elizabeth T. Silva Human Resources Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8981
Martin R Simmons Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Susan Skolnik Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Thomas Sleeper Information Resources Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8458
Rachel Smith Faculty Chair 40 [email protected] 623.935.8397
Beverly Smith-Dawson Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
John Snelling Associate Vice President [email protected] 623.935.8069
Michelle Solano Property Materials Technician [email protected] 623.935.8293
Monica Solis Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 626.393.7926
Larisa Solo Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Kortney Song Business Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8403
Juan Soto Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 602.392.5362
Camaria Spivey Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
G Sreenivas Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Alexis Stanfield Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Richie Stanley Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Dawn M. Stark Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Matthew Starr Biology Faculty [email protected]
Sharon Stefan Mathematics Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8453
Lisa Stevens English Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8178
Melissa Stone Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Elizabeth G. Stoscup Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Summer Stout-Bloyer Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Norma-Jean Strickland Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 310.463.8182
Scott Stuart Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Juan Suarez Guerrero Groundskeeper [email protected]
Monica Sul Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Ray Surdilla Instructional Services Coord Senior [email protected] 623.935.8398
Shannon Sweat Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Mitchell Scott Sweet Chemistry Faculty [email protected]
Patty Swindle Business Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8066
Michelle Tabbers Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Kara Tableman Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Elaina Taiclet Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Brandon Talley Fiscal Director [email protected] 623.935.8846
Fran Tanori-Pote Service Fac Adjunct [email protected] 602.787.6692
Abigail Tarelo Custodian [email protected]
Carin Tarrance Nursing Faculty [email protected]
Margaret J. Tate Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.581.9880
Kimberly Tavaghoee Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Melody Taylor Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Sam Tea Student Services Analyst [email protected] 623.935.8226
Malik J. Teague Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Ralph Teran Groundskeeper [email protected]
Resa Thiry Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Sucheta Thomas Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Crystal Thompson Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Lilie Thompson Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Lori Thompson Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 480.753.1421
Lorianne Thompson Administrative Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8341
David Timothy Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Sean Tingle Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jackie Tippens Custodian [email protected]
Carmen Tirado Temporary Level 2 [email protected]
Michael Toombs Electrician [email protected] 623.935.8292
Patricia Topping Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Camila Torres Temporary Level 2 [email protected]
Tiana Torrilhon-Wood Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Levi Torrison Faculty Chair 40 [email protected] 623.935.8703
Jake Tran Part-time Student Worker [email protected]
Le Tran Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Elana M. Trejo Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Francisco A Trejo Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Belinda Trevino Instructional Services Coord Senior [email protected] 623.935.8186
Colin M Trezise Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Meha Trivedi Computer Information Science Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8071
Lynette L. Turnbaugh CWR Dual Enrollment Instructor [email protected]
Cari Tynan Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Michael Uribe Public Safety Assistant [email protected] 623.935.8915
Gina Vacanari Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Edith Valderas Clinical Nursing Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8317
Irene Valente Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Lyssa Valenzuela General-FWS [email protected]
Jazmin Valenzuela Duarte General-FWS [email protected]
Christina Van Psychology Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8472
Lisa Vanbendegom Laboratory Technician [email protected] 623.935.8395
Susan Vandenberg Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Antonio D Varela III Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Gabe Vargas Technology Support Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8850
Arthur Vasquez Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Gilbert Vasquez Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Sonya Vaughn Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Miguel Venegas Maintenance Ops Specialist [email protected]
Terri Verason Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Benji Veres General-FWS [email protected]
Paula J. Viegas N/A [email protected]
Mariam Villarreal General-FWS [email protected]
Erica Wager Psychology Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8450
Rosanne Walker Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Nathaniel E Washington Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Sebastian R K Waterman Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
David R. Watkins Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Sheri Watkins Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Jim Waugh Planning Research Analyst Senior [email protected] 623.935.8063
Angela Wayne Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Melinda Weaver Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Kevin Welch General-FWS [email protected]
Dan Wells Network Administrator Senior [email protected] 623.935.8120
Maren Wenz Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Mike Werner Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Kaitlynn White Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Anasazi S. Whitney Student Learning Facilitator I [email protected]
Rene Willekens Temporary Level 5 [email protected] 623.935.8069
Cindy Williams Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Philana M. Williams Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
David Wirth Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8139
Jennifer Wong Information Resources Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8091
Karen Wright Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.565.3455
Roger Yaeger Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8061
Robin York Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 602.791.8857
Chris Zagar Computer Information Systems Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8904
Amanda Zautke Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Travis Zelinskas Adjunct Faculty [email protected]
Sandy Zetlan Adjunct Faculty [email protected] 623.935.8458
Mary Zobac Adjunct Faculty [email protected]