Office of the VP Occupational Education

Estrella Hall
2nd Floor, South
Normal Hours: 
Monday - Friday: 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Summer Hours: 
Monday - Thursday: 7:30 am-6:30 pm

People in this department:

Name Title Email Work Phone
Lidia H Abadia N/A
Angela Acuna Coordinator Workforce Development 623.935.8440
Rudolpho Robert Aguilar Adjunct Faculty
Elizabeth Arevalo Part-time
Leslie A Arriaga Adjunct Faculty
Deborah Jean Audin Part-time
Kenneth R Austin N/A
Tracy L. Baker Computer Information Systems Faculty 623.935.8064
Amanda M Barbe Part-time
Tommy B. Bartoli Adjunct Faculty
Linda A. Benjamin Clinical Nursing Faculty
Richard Joseph Bird N/A 602.749.4578
Christopher Black Program Manager 623.535.2807
Justin C Blackburn Adjunct Faculty
Joseph Mitchell Blake Jr Adjunct Faculty 623.935.8139
Joseph T Boland N/A
Susan M Boquet Instructor
Angelica Bowman Instructor
Kevin L. Boyd Adjunct Faculty
Thomas R Bradish Adjunct Faculty
John Eric Brinker Adjunct Faculty
Tanya M. Brookshire Adjunct Faculty
Amy M Brown Instructor
Jessica M. Brown Adjunct Faculty
Kyle D Brown Instructor
Mark R. Brown N/A 623.935.8139
Melissa C Brown Instructional Lab Faculty
Lisa M Buccigrosse Adjunct Faculty 623.866.3398
Jennifer M. Buckler Adjunct Faculty
Jessica D Budrow Adjunct Faculty
Kendra Lee Buringrud Adjunct Faculty 602.502.1463
Justin R. Burke N/A
Robert Wayne Butler II Adjunct Faculty
Doris C. Caesar Instructional Lab Faculty 623.535.2707
Alexandra Margaret Camacho Coordinator Student Services 623.935.8741
Rachel B. Carignan Adjunct Faculty
Angelica H Castillo Part-time
Kia Maranne Castillo Instructor
Monica A Cazares Instructor
James F. Cerven Jr Administration of Justice Faculty 623.935.8924
Jeffrey L Chabot Adjunct Faculty
Amber Lynn Chapman Clinical Nursing Faculty 623.935.8379
Renee L. Ciezki Adjunct Faculty 623.935.8409
Roni Collazo Clinical Nursing Faculty 623.935.8983
Amy J. Collins Adjunct Faculty
Jordan Ann Collins N/A
Franklin Tugade Coloma Jr Instructor
Stephanie A Colvin N/A
Cheyenne N Contreras Part-time 623.535.2716
Gilbert J Contreras Part-time Student Worker
Sylvia J Contreras Technician Assistant 623.535.2727
Monique Emily Corella Part-time Student Worker
Moses I Cota Part-time
Lisa White Courson Instructional Lab Faculty
Stephanie L. Crow Adjunct Faculty
Joe M. Cruz Adjunct Faculty 623.695.5884
Luis M. Cruz N/A
Raymond M. Cruz Adjunct Faculty 602.619.1691
Leslie Milbourne Danjou Adjunct Faculty
Fleur Louise Darby Adjunct Faculty
Timothy Lance Darby Adjunct Faculty
Patti Ann Davidson N/A
Daniel Leo Davis Instructor
Clarissa Davis Ragland Business Faculty 623.935.8594
Kristina Marie Dawson Adjunct Faculty
Tabytha Lynne Dawson Part-time
John M. Dedon Adjunct Faculty
Edwin M. Delph Adjunct Faculty
Lyle S. Dillie Adjunct Faculty
Terry A. Dillon Adjunct Faculty 623.935.8139
Leslie M. Dixon Adjunct Faculty
Nicole M Dowd Instructional Lab Faculty
Vesna Dragojlov Adjunct Faculty 602.569.9791
William John Drey Adjunct Faculty
Michael C. Echols Adjunct Faculty
Eric R. Eckert Computer Information Systems Faculty 623.935.8079
Heather Dawn Edwards Administrative Secretary III 623.935.8981
Jessica Edwards Instructor
Landis Elizabeth Elliott Manager Internships 623.935.8220
Sharon L Enck Federal Work Study
Justin David Ernst N/A
Michael L. Erwin Jr Adjunct Faculty
Milagro Escalona Instructor
Cecilia Espejo N/A
Cuauhtemoc Espinoza Adjunct Faculty 623.333.7235
Emeri M Fernandez Part-time Student Worker
Randall D Ferrin Instructor
Craig Scott Franklin Adjunct Faculty
Rosalind Loy Gaddy Adjunct Faculty
Duff Galda Education Faculty 623.935.8705
Vivian M. Galligan Instructor 623.535.2775
Danny Garcia III N/A
Karina Yovanna Garibaldi Federal Work Study
Shawn E. Gear N/A
Cheyann Makanalani Geis N/A
Brian Michael Gill Adjunct Faculty
Anthony J. Gilman N/A
Cheryl L. Gipson Thurman Administration of Justice Faculty 623.935.8310
Aaron J. Glass N/A
Allyson Goldspinner Instructional Lab Faculty 602.526.6913
Maritza Chavez Gonzales Instructional Lab Faculty
Tiffany J Gray Adjunct Faculty
Darrin S. Green Adjunct Faculty 623.229.6505
Laquita Janene Griffin N/A
Steven C. Griffiths Division Chair Occupational Education 623.935.8862
Christina N. Guajardo Part-time
Janice K Hadley Adjunct Faculty
Sara Haghighi Instructor
Brian Keith Hardy Adjunct Faculty 480.729.9779
Ernesto Haro Peralta Federal Work Study
Barbara J. Harrington Adjunct Faculty 623.975.1120
Joshua A Harris Part-time
Kelly M. Hassett Adjunct Faculty
Carol A Haynes Instructional Lab Faculty
James T Healey Adjunct Faculty
Jonathan Lane Heard Part-time Student Worker
James Vincent Heinrich Computer Information Systems Faculty 623.935.8931
Christofer C. Helwig Adjunct Faculty 480.423.6588
Emily R Hernandez Part-time 623.935.8724
Jarrett Recardo Hickman Adjunct Faculty
Amy Louise Hill Speech Language Pathology Faculty 623.935.8853
Jon E. Hill Culinary Arts Faculty 623.935.8560
Gregory Anton Hladysh Adjunct Faculty
Thomas E. Hofer N/A
Anthony Rulon Holman Part-time Student Worker
Rachel J. Holmes Education Faculty 623.935.8407
Samantha R Horsley Part-time
Latasha Elizabeth Howard N/A
Glenn A. Hutchinson Adjunct Faculty 623.333.7231
Cam Quoi Thi Huynh Adjunct Faculty
Kimberly D Jenkins Part-time
David R. Jensen Fire Recruit Instructor 602.885.2040
Linda Jensen Adjunct Faculty
Lisa Marie Jensen Adjunct Faculty 623.332.1060
Jason D. Jessamine Adjunct Faculty
Amy Kristine Johnson Clinical Nursing Faculty
Michael J. Jones Adjunct Faculty 623.872.3913
Richard G. Jones Adjunct Faculty
William L. Jones N/A 623.935.1073
Casandra Kayla Kalayasilpin N/A
Joseph D. Kalfus N/A
Keith Michael Kasperson Adjunct Faculty 623.240.4338
Monica Katsanes Assistant Program Manager 623.535.2703
Gayle T Kazmierczak Clinical Nursing Faculty
Diana J. Kempton N/A 480.461.7144
Richard Keith Kennedy N/A
Suzane Mehari Kidane Adjunct Faculty
Joanne Kingman Director Community Partnership Program
Megan F Kirschner Adjunct Faculty
Mary P Kissel Adjunct Faculty
Jennifer L Kline Assistant Program Manager 623.535.2749
Catrina Kranich Coordinator Student Services 623.935.8936
Michael D. Krieg Adjunct Faculty
Julia Nicole Kury Part-time
Erik D Lauer N/A
Kerissa D. Le Adjunct Faculty
Frederick William Lee Adjunct Faculty 623.332.3215
Elisandra A Leyva Part-time
Johnny B. Limon Jr Part-time 623.535.2787
Catherine E. Liotta Administrative Assistant 623.535.2731
Alexis F Liss N/A
Dawnel M. Litson Adjunct Faculty
Paula Livingston Dean 623.935.8583
Sophia B Looney N/A
Jamie T. Lopez Adjunct Faculty 623.935.8139
Anna Maria Lucero Adjunct Faculty 623.326.2010
Peter Luszczak Adjunct Faculty
Sandra D. Maas Nursing Faculty 623.935.8621
Anna Rachel Mackie N/A
Sara H Macleish Adjunct Faculty
Taylor Austin Madson N/A
Michael Todd Maguire Adjunct Faculty 623.866.9313
Rose Marie Mansell Part-time
Terry Marks N/A
Angelique A Martinez Office Assistant
Misty Martinez Student Services Spec 623.935.8964
Jorge Masuello N/A
Tonya Suzette McAtee Instructional Lab Faculty
Jean N. McKay Adjunct Faculty 623.210.7312
Sharon McKee Adjunct Faculty 602.286.8570
Timothy J. McMichael Computer Information Systems Faculty 623.935.8409
Michael Medina N/A
Jeffrey Craig Meeks Adjunct Faculty
Patricia Ann Messer Adjunct Faculty 602.370.9062
Carolyn J. Miller Adjunct Faculty 602.787.7787
Sabrina A Miller-Emerson Adjunct Faculty
Donna C. Mitchell Adjunct Faculty
Dallas Lee Moore Part-time
Holly Rachelle Moore Adjunct Faculty
Hector I Moreno N/A
Michele Mosco Adjunct Faculty
Brandon Fabrizio Nabozny Adjunct Faculty
Trever Nahau Narramore Part-time
Pamela Nebgen Adjunct Faculty 623.935.8139
Amy K. Nichols Adjunct Faculty
Jim J. Nichols Computer Information Systems Faculty 623.935.8065
Bill Nkunzumwami Part-time Student Worker
Cristina L. Norman N/A
Sheila Fay Norris Adjunct Faculty
Carol T. O'Connor Instructional Lab Faculty
Alejandra Obregon Part-time Student Worker
David W Oehler Adjunct Faculty
Favour N. Okwoli Instructional Lab Faculty
Glen K. Olson Adjunct Faculty
Miguel Angel Omana III Instructor
Sylvia Ong Business Faculty 623.935.8457
Zuzana Palmer Adjunct Faculty
Brenda Lee Paquette Adjunct Faculty 480.461.7130
Eugene H. Pardi Adjunct Faculty 623.266.2126
Rachael A Parham Adjunct Faculty
Karee Y. Peigne Program Manager 623.535.2802
Stephanie M Peralta Part-time Student Worker
David Alvin Perez Jr N/A
Julia Z Perkins Adjunct Faculty
Crystal R. Perry Adjunct Faculty
Cary B Peskin Adjunct Faculty 623.935.6305
Kris C. Peters N/A
Patrick W Petersen Jr Part-time Student Worker
Phillip Bao G Pham Part-time Student Worker
Hong Y Picchione Adjunct Faculty
Bianca D. Pineda Part-time
Caterina Pinzone Adjunct Faculty 623.935.8981
Joseph C. Pizzillo Adjunct Faculty 623.935.7454
Paul R. Polesky Adjunct Faculty 623.935.8061
Thomas Edward Polliard Computer Information Systems Faculty 623.935.8559
Nina L Poole Part-time Student Worker
Joseph D. Prestia Adjunct Faculty 623.935.8077
Kassandra L. Pritchett N/A
Linda S. Rabuck Instructional Technician 623.535.2760
Deborah Sue Raffin Adjunct Faculty 623.935.8441
Cayla A Ramsey Part-time
Richa H Ranalkar Adjunct Faculty
Susan L. Reppe Instructional Lab Faculty 623.853.9430
James Elliott Rhodes Adjunct Faculty
Gabriel Rios N/A
Minerva Flores Rios N/A
Anna Christina Rivas Part-time
Monique Michelle Rivers Adjunct Faculty 480.532.9270
Brigitte B. Robinson Adjunct Faculty 623.412.5336
Dennis D Robinson Part-time
Rene J. Rodriguez Manufacturing Technology Faculty 623.935.8503
Steven J Rodriguez N/A
Roy A. Rogers N/A
Manuel S Rojas Adjunct Faculty
Mary Ross Clinical Nursing Faculty
Hannah M Roush N/A
John H. Rowan Adjunct Faculty 917.697.0292
Rodney T. Ruiz Adjunct Faculty 623.935.8139
Hannah Marie Samuelson Part-time
David Anthony Sanchez N/A
Toni Melissa Sanchez Adjunct Faculty
Vanessa D Sanchez Administrative Secretary III 623.935.8442
Christine Marie Schwan Adjunct Faculty 602.432.3847
Adam G. Schwartz Adjunct Faculty 623.606.8514
Stephen E. Scott Adjunct Faculty
Daniel Christopher Shaw Part-time
Daniel C Shuler Jr Adjunct Faculty
Ashley Nicole Siemek Instructional Lab Faculty
Martin R Simmons Adjunct Faculty
Adam David Skiver N/A
Chad A Smith Adjunct Faculty
Connor Riley Smith Systems Administrator I 623.935.8117
Deborah A. Snyder Adjunct Faculty
Kortney Rae Song Business Faculty 623.925.8403
Susan L. Stovall Instructor 623.535.2777
Norma-Jean Strickland Adjunct Faculty
Monica Sul Adjunct Faculty
John W. Sullivan N/A
Patricia D. Swindle Business Faculty 623.935.8066
Monika Szmit Adjunct Faculty
Kara Tableman Adjunct Faculty
Margaret J. Tate Adjunct Faculty 623.581.9880
Katrina Taylor Adjunct Faculty
Lori Lee Thompson Adjunct Faculty 480.753.1421
Stephanie A Thompson Instructional Lab Faculty
Stephen Erik Thompson N/A
Abdel R. Toure Adjunct Faculty
Meha Sujit Trivedi Computer Information Science Faculty 623.935.8071
Joshua Paul Tweedy Part-time
Salvador C. Unale Adjunct Faculty
Lisa A. Vanbendegom Culinary Arts Lab Technician 623.935.8395
Theresa Eileen Verason Adjunct Faculty
Paula J. Viegas N/A
Orlando R. Villa Adjunct Faculty
Rosario A Villa Part-time Student Worker
Kimberley A Wagner-Hemmes Instructor 480.377.4405
Mary E. Walsh Adjunct Faculty
Kari A. Watson Adjunct Faculty 480.695.7064
Shari L Weise Adjunct Faculty
Shalonda TD Whitmore Adjunct Faculty 623.935.8070
Jennifer Chante Williams Instructional Lab Faculty
Frieda M Wilson Adjunct Faculty
James D. Wolfe Adjunct Faculty
Geneva Rena Woodards Instructional Lab Faculty
Jia R. Wu Adjunct Faculty
Linda L Yaeger Adjunct Faculty
Roger W. Yaeger Adjunct Faculty 623.935.8061
Christina M. Yohe Adjunct Faculty