Name Department Work Phone
Alexandra Margaret Camacho
Student Services Specialist Senior
Career Services 623.935.8741
Ralph Campbell
Workforce Dev Manager
Manages: Student Recruitment
Recruitment 623.935.8051
Fenyx Cannon
Sociology Faculty
Social & Behavioral Sciences
Elizabeth Angelica Cantu
Communication Faculty
Social & Behavioral Sciences 623.935.8420
Patricia Cardenas-Adame
Vice President
Manages: Office of the VP of Student Affairs
VP of Student Affairs 623.935.8812
Kendra June Cardoza
Adjunct Faculty
Rachel B. Carignan
Adjunct Faculty
Marsha J. Carlen
Student Services Specialist Senior
Veterans Services 623.935.8479
Chantele S. Carr
Adjunct Faculty
Social & Behavioral Sciences 480.517.8577
Meagan C Carr
Adjunct Faculty Offices
Yolanda Carranza Fregoso
Jessica Nicole Carreon
Federal Work Study
Career Services
Gabriel Haymon Carter
Adjunct Faculty
Sharla M Carter
Service Fac Adjunct Day
Sara G. Casey
Adjunct Faculty
Languages 623.935.8139
Angelica H Castillo
Part-time Student Worker
Dean of Instruction 623.935.8494
Felipa Castillo
Student Services Specialist Senior
Recruitment 623.935.8830
Magdalena Castillo
Fiscal Director
Manages: Business Services
Budget Office 623.935.8839
Maria L Castillo
Student Learning Facilitator I
Academic Success Center
Roxanna Castillo Vazquez
Federal Work Study
Edu Cntr-Stu Svcs
Diana Osuna Castro
Darren W Causee
Adjunct Faculty
Malgorzata Ceglinska
Community Education
Romeo Brandon Celaya
Adjunct Faculty
Life Sciences
Christopher P. Celeya
Web Services Specialist
Center for Teaching and Learning 623.935.8486
Jessica M. Celeya
James F. Cerven Jr
Administration of Justice Faculty
Occupational Education 623.935.8924
Jeffrey L Chabot
Adjunct Faculty
Arts & Composition
Lorena M. Chacon
Administrative Specialist Senior
Instructional Computing 623.935.8062
William S. Chandler
Student Services Analyst
Admissions and Records 623.935.8925
Weiru Chang
Biology Faculty
Life Sciences 623.935.8081
Jim J. Chapa
Administrative Specialist
Facilities 623.935.8296
Amber Lynn Chapman
Clinical Nursing Faculty
Nursing 623.935.8379
Eduardo Chavez
EXCEL Program
Ernest G. Chavez
Mathematics Faculty
Mathematics 623.935.8473
Mayra Alejandra Chavez
Federal Work Study
Academic Advisement
Sandra M. Chavez
Administrative Specialist Senior
Administrative Services 623.935.8025
Janice J. Christensen
Adjunct Faculty
Renee L. Ciezki
Adjunct Faculty
Instructional Computing 623.935.8409
Maria Felicia Cimpoiasu
Adjunct Faculty
Life Sciences 623.935.8139