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Biology Faculty
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 Location: MON-124E
10:00 am-1:00 pm
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Open lab on Monday is office hours held in lab. On Thursday hours are in my office, MON 124E


Ed.D. in Leadership and Innovation
M.S. in Microbiology
University of Arizona

As a kid I had a bug collection and found all living things fascinating. I loved observing any living thing as it moved around to hunt, fight or build a home. In high school my best friend died of leukemia during our junior year which compelled me to learn about the human body and diseases. I started a major in biology at the University of Arizona but one day came across descriptions of microbiology classes in the course catalog. The descriptions sounded so interesting - especially the part about studying diseases. I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Microbiology at UofA and also a Master's in Micro with a Veterinary Science focus. After my Master's degree I worked as a lab tech in several labs. A compilation of all of my experiences included studying a bacterial pneumonia in pigs, isolating viruses from infected shrimp, making monoclonal antibodies, and investigating how to detect fecal contamination of water. I enjoyed learning about celullar and molecular biology from all of these experiences. 

College Service 
Currently Interim EMCC STEM Center of Excellence Director
Faculty Senate Secretary Treasurer
Past Science Division Chair
Publications & Intellectual Contributions 


Tour for Diversity  Feb 2014 – I am serving as liaison for T4D which will present workshops for students about med/dental school. EMCC is the only community college to host this national event.

STEMinars  2013 – present. Initiated STEMinars – interactive presentations by scientists at EMCC for students to learn about STEM careers. Dr. James Hagler from USDA/ALARC in Spring 2013; Dr. Chad Roberts and Kim Kobojek from ASUWest in Fall 2013.

ASUWest  2010 – present. Working with Todd Sandrin (chair of life sciences) and Rachel Smith to develop and implement research experiences for transfer students. Investigating grants and ways to fund this project. In Feb 13 will be submitting USDA-NIFA grant – a collaborative effort with ASUWest, ALARC and MAC.  

Internship at ALARC (Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center)   Summer 2012. I served as a liaison for HS interns at ALARC connected to the USDA-NIFA grant from South Mountain Comminity College (Marshall Logvin). It was a collaborative effort between two community colleges, I helped to oversee the students as they worked at ALARC. I also received professional development since I was conducting research experiments alongside an EMCC student I brought to ALARC for research experience. A stipend was provided to this student through Marshall Logvin’s USDA-NIFA grant.

District Dual Enrollment Committee  2011 – 2013. I was invited to participate in the district DE committee which is overseen by Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. This committee is working on various logistic considerations to provide a uniform experience across the 10 colleges in the district. In addition, we are working on a programmatic review of DE.

CHES (Certified Health Education Specialist)   2012 – present. I have been working with an adjunct who is certified in health and wellness education to develop a new program for EMCC. The program will support students obtaining degrees/certs in health education. We plan to solidify a transfer track to ASU. An intern for Spring 13 from ASU will be working at EMCC to develop the program.

Engage Estrella (mentoring)   Fall 2012 – present. I served officially as a mentor for a student in the fall semester supporting EMCC’s new Engage Estrella program. I have mentored students for years including students aligned to various STEP/STEM grants EMCC has supported. In addition, I have mentored two adjuncts under this program.

SAAC n 2005 –  2009 - Student Academic Achievement Committee – I served as co-chair for this committee which is focused on assessment. Created SAAC EZ form for course level assessment.

DSAAC  2005 –  2008 -  District Student Academic Achievement Committee  - a forum for all assessment leadership to come together and share information.

BIO IC  2005/2006 – Biology Instructional Council – I was the IC chair during this year

SACNAS  2005 –  Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science annual meeting - attended as a mentor – two of my students from the summer ABN program presented posters at this meeting.

ABN n summers of 2004 and 2005 -  Arizona Biology Network. I lived in Tucson to be a mentor for students doing 10 week internships at the U of A in various types of research labs. I also was able to perform research and learn some current molecular biology techniques.

MFI   2003/2004 – Maricopa Faculty Internship – I was a mentor to a potential faculty member – chiefly to provide guidance about instruction and classroom

CSEMS   2003/2004 – 2005 – Computer Science, Engineering and Math Scholarships - each semester I am a mentor to 4 or 5 students who have applied to this program and were accepted. I monitor their progress in their courses and their applications for internships and scholarships.

SyRIS   2000/2001 Developed integrated science unit on the topic of energy and applied it to biology for majors courses for two semesters.

RTOP (Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol)   2000/2001  Attended workshops and am involved in the use of the RTOP as a tool for the assessment of reformed instruction.  This tool was used to assess part of my presentation of the SyRIS module. My presentation received a fairly high score


Biotechnology grant n 2004/2005 – coauthored a grant for Workforce Development monies from our district to develop a biotechnology course for non-majors and to develop K-12 outreach programs focused on training K-12 teachers.

MCLI Learning grant n 2002 – received grant to develop interactive teaching object using a virtual reality software for explaining the molecular level of how a gram stain works

MCLI Learning Grant n  2000/2001 Received a grant to synthesize three teaching modules to be used in Bio 102, 156 and 181. The modules contain Powerpoint presentations and are in an active learning format. The modules cover the topics Energy, Bonding, and Cell Structure. These modules have been used in lecture for two semesters and seem to help student learning.

Presentations/ workshops

League of Innovations n March 2007  –  presented EMCC’s EZ form for course level assessment documentation.

SAAC Workshops n 2005- 2009  –  co-conducted several workshops designed to help adjunct faculty participate in assessment 


NISOD (National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development)  November 2007  –   for excellence in teaching.

 Professional Development

ALARC/ABN (mentioned above)  These experiences strengthened my science content knowledge which allows me to be more effective in the classroom.

Arizona Master Teacher Seminar  May 2007  –   experiential workshop on teaching innovations

 Engaging Students  Fall 2006  –   focus on active learning techniques


 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)  2013 Grand Award Judge for Microbiology

 Former name: Bronwen Trumper

Bonami,JR, Trumper,B, Mari, J. Behelin,M and DV Lightner. 1990. Purification and characterization of the infectious hypodermal and haematopoietic necrosis virus of penaeid shrimps.  J Gen Virology. 71:2657:2664

Bruce, LD, Trumper, B and DV Lightner. 1991 Methods for viral isolation and DNA extraction for penaeid shrimp baculovirus.  J Virol Methods. 113:23-32.

Trumper, B, Margolin, AB and CP Gerba. 1988. Enterovirus detection in water with gene probes.  Z gesamte Hyg. 34:518-519

Trumper, B and AB Margolin. 1987. Detection of replicative intermediate froms of poliovirus RNA. American Society for Virology.  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Trumper, B and AB Margolin. 1986. Poster presentation at the International Congress of Virology, Edmonton, Canada.

Trumper, B and LA Joens. 1985. Poster presentation at the American Society for Microbiology, St. Louis, Missouri.

Tumper, B and LA Joens. 1984. Toxic effects of culture supernatant fluids of Haemophilus pleuropneumoniae in vitro and in vivo. CRWDAD, Chicago, Illinois

Trumper, B and LA Joens. 1984. Poster presentation at ABASM, Tempe, Arizona..



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JAN 19 - MAY 13
BIO205 View class details for Microbiology (BIO205)Microbiology SPR22 F 10:00am - 12:40pm
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