Cheryl K. Hebert

Communication Faculty
Primary Department:
Manages: Social & Behavioral Sciences
 Phone: 623.935.8470
 Location: MON 237
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PhD- Psychology ( I/O-Communication)
San Diego State University/Northcentral University
M.M.C.- Master of Mass Communication
Arizona State University (Walter Cronkite School of Media and Mass Communication)
B.S. Communication (Interpersonal)
Arizona State University

I take an active learning approach that facilitates student engagement with the course content.  Therefore, what students study in class will always be applicable to their lives, jobs, and other pursuits. I am astute to the diverse learning needs of every student, and I try to assist students with developing active learning strategies so that they can ultimately take responsibility for their own learning. 

I address students as individuals with a diverse set of learning styles, personalities, cultures, and experiences making the classroom experience dynamic and engaging. Keeping this in mind, every classroom (whether in person, hybrid, or online) is always a safe and productive learning environment that helps all students become successful in their academic pursuits.

Academic Interests 
Interpersonal Communication, Mediated Text on Interpersonal Communication Skills, Digital Audiences and Mass Communication, Relational and Intercultural Dynamics in Small Groups, Structured mlearning to Engage Students in Course Content.
College Service 
E-learning (2005-2016),Honors Faculty Advisory Board/Instructor(2005-present), CTL Advisory(2011-2013),WLG (2013-2015), Evening Supervisor BSCS (2006-2019),BIT(2013-2019).
Communication Club Advisor, Sigma Chi Eta-Chapter Beta Xi Advisor (present) please email me for information regarding either.
District Service 
Communication IC Chair (2017-2019), Instructional Council Representative MCCCCD-Communication EMCC (present), MILRF Research Fellow 2017-2019, Sabbatical Rep(2010),
National Communication Association, Western Speech Communication Organization, NAFSA-Association of International Educators, Project C.U.R.E Trainer,SIOP
QM Rubric Certification, MILRF Research Fellowowship
Conference Presentations 

Educause (2010), NISOD (2014), International Society for Teaching and Learning (2017/2018), League of Innovation (2018), League of innovation (2019),

League of Innovation

League of Innovation

Classes Current Teaching
Name Title Term Days Times/Dates
COM110 View class details for Interpersonal Communication (COM110)Interpersonal Communication SPR20 JAN 13 - MAR 6
COM110 View class details for Interpersonal Communication (COM110)Interpersonal Communication SPR20 JAN 13 - MAR 6
COM207 View class details for Introduction to Communication Inquiry (COM207)Introduction to Communication Inquiry SPR20 JAN 13 - MAY 8
COM225 View class details for Public Speaking (COM225)Public Speaking SPR20 TR 8:30am - 9:45am
JAN 14 - MAY 8
COM230 View class details for Small Group Communication (COM230)Small Group Communication SPR20 TR 10:00am - 11:15am
JAN 14 - MAY 8