Cheryl K. Hebert

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Communication Faculty
 Phone: 623.935.8470
 Location: ARO-238
Office Hours Additional Information 
Office Hours By Appointment Via Webex or in Person. Please call to schedule an appointment


PhD- Psychology (Industrial/Organizational-Emphasis: Interpersonal Communication)
San Diego State University/Northcentral University
M.M.C.- Master of Mass Communication
Arizona State University
B.S. Communication (Interpersonal)
Arizona State University
Graduate Certificate 2020-Digital Audiences (Walter Cronkite School of Mass Communication)
Arizona State University

Dr. Hebert takes an active learning approach that facilitates student engagement with the course content. Students will always be able to apply the content they learn in her classes, to their lives, jobs, and other academic pursuits. She is perceptive to the diverse learning needs of every student and therefore assists each student with developing active learning strategies that can help them ultimately take responsibility for their learning. Since students are unique individuals with diverse learning styles, personalities, cultures, ages, and experiences, the classroom experience is dynamic and engaging. Keeping this in mind, every classroom modality(whether in person, hybrid, or online) is always a secure and productive learning space that facilitates the expression of many different viewpoints and encourages all students to become successful in their academic goals.


Academic Interests 
Interpersonal Communication, Mediated Text Effects on Interpersonal Communication Skills, Digital Audiences and Mass Communication, Relational and Intercultural Dynamics in Small Groups, Structured mlearning to Engage Students in Course Content.
College Service 
Curriculum Development Facilitator-Present, FRACTL-Present, E-learning (2005-2016), Honors Faculty Advisory Board/Instructor(2005-2019), CTL Advisory (2011-2013),WLG (2013-2015), Evening Supervisor BSCS (2006-2019),BIT(2013-2019).
PAR Faculty Mentor (2017-2020), Communication Club Advisor, Sigma Chi Eta-Chapter Beta Xi Advisor (present)
District Service 
Curriculum Developer Facilitator, (2021)-current, Communication IC Chair (2017-2019), Instructional Council Representative MCCCCD-Communication EMCC (present), MILRF Research Fellow 2017-2019, Sabbatical Rep(2010),
National Communication Association, NAFSA-Association of International Educators, Project C.U.R.E, SIOP
Educause, APA.
Conference Presentations 

EDUCAUSE Presenter, (2010), International Society for Teaching and Learning Presenter (2017and 2018), League of Innovation Presenter (2018), League of Innovation Presenter (2019).

Awards and Recognitions 

NISOD Award(2018). National Society of Leadership and Success Award(2021)

Recent Professional Development Activities 

Unity Summit - Rethinking Diversity Management 2020

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