Christina M. Van

Psychology Faculty
Primary Department:
Manages: Social & Behavioral Sciences
 Phone: 623.935.8472
 Location: MON 234
Monday - Friday: 12:00 pm-1:00 pm
Office Hours Additional Information 
Because I teach entirely online, my office hours are primarily virtual. We can make arrangements to talk by phone, by video, by email, or meet in person on campus. I'm very flexible in terms of times, let me know when you need me. I always make time for students- they are my first priority!


Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology; B.S. in Psychology & Women's Studies
Arizona State University; Mary Washington University, Fredericksburg, VA

I am a licensed Counseling Psychologist and full-time, residential faculty member. I have a strong background in both research and practice. My specialty areas are gender, diversity, and health psychology. Counseling psychology as a discipline was developed as veterans were returning home after the Vietnam War with a new set of symptoms identified as "shell shock"  (now called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as a way to specialize in assisting individuals with necessary adjustments in living (which of course does not just relate to individuals returning from combat, but also individuals dealing with significant relationship adjustments such as divorce, identity transitions,  and all of the other changes that life brings). Counseling psychologists have training extremely similar to clinical psychologists, but our focus is more on adjustment issues and creating happy, meaningful lives; versus treating psychopathology per se.  I particularly enjoy teaching Abnormal Psychology (PSY 266) and breaking down stereotypes that students have about mental health and mental illness to challenge the paradigm that reinforces the stigma around mental suffering. I take the same approach in Psychology of Gender (PSY 235) in terms of critical analysis of the current paradigm of binary gender and the suffering that it causes, and exploring alternative paradigms that support the well-being and empowerment of all humans.

My teaching style is casual, friendly, but firm in terms of structure and deadlines. I believe that it is my job as a professor to assist students in learning how to succeed in college, as well as to engage students in all of the aspects of Psychology that are personally meaningful to them. Whether on-line or in-person, I believe that people learn best when they feel supported, connected, and challenged to do just a little more than what they thought was possible. 

Social justice is my passion. A little known fact about me: I was determined to either get a law degree in Social Justice or a PhD in Psychology. I could have gone either way. My father (an attorney) said that I would live at home, with my parents, forever if I did the JD. So off to graduate school I went! I still think about that law degree....maybe after retirement!

Academic Interests 
Gender, diversity (of all types), neuropsychology, mental illness and mental health, identity development, undergraduate research, on-line teaching and learning.
College Service 
2015- 2018, Faculty Academic Senate Representative
2018, Diversity Committee, subcommittee on disability
2016-2018 Co-Advisor Psychology Club
2014-2018 Co-Chair EMpower (advocating for EMCC students, staff, and faculty with disabilities)
2011-2016 E-Learning Committee
District Service 
2015-2017 Psychology Instructional Council
American Psychological Association (APA)
Phi Theta Kappa
Phi Beta Kappa (Honorary)
Awards and Recognitions 

2018 CATS (Classroom Assessment Technique) of the month, Will a Peer Sample Motivate Growth?

2017 CATS of the Month, Learning Inquiry Grant: Who stays, who doesn't and why?: A survival analysis of BSCS students in non-prerequisite required courses.

2016 CATS of the Month, Critical Thinking about Invisible Histories

2014 Diversity Advisory Council Award of Excellence,  In recognition for developing the ADA Task Force, which is now called the EMpower Committee to address the physical access limitations on the EMCC campus and give a voice to individuals with disabilities to create a more inclusive college environment for students and employees.

Recent Professional Development Activities 

Higher Learning Commission's (HLC) Student Success Initiative. Invited participant in the year-long Institute for studying factors important to college student retention and persistence.

Classes Current Teaching
Name Title Term Days Times/Dates
PSY101 View class details for Introduction to Psychology (PSY101)Introduction to Psychology FAL20 AUG 24 - OCT 16
PSY101 View class details for Introduction to Psychology (PSY101)Introduction to Psychology FAL20 AUG 24 - DEC 18
PSY235 View class details for Psychology of Gender (PSY235)Psychology of Gender FAL20 AUG 24 - DEC 18
PSY266 View class details for Abnormal Psychology (PSY266)Abnormal Psychology FAL20 OCT 19 - DEC 11
PSY266 View class details for Abnormal Psychology (PSY266)Abnormal Psychology FAL20 AUG 24 - DEC 18