Donette Monique McCartney

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Adjunct Faculty
Primary Department:
Manages: Languages


B.Sc. Business Administration - Concentration in Accounting
University of Nebraska at Kearney
B.A. Spanish Translation
University of Nebraska at Kearney
M.A. Teaching (Concentration Spanish - Spanish Linguistics Courses)
New Mexico State University
Candidate M.A. Linguistics
University of Texas - El Paso

Modern Languages:

I have taught ESL in various settings including adult basic education (ABE), intensive English (ESL) courses at a university level English language institute, and have also taught ESL here at EMCC.

I teach beginning Spanish (SPA101 and SPA102). As a second language learner of Spanish myself and as a linguist, my approach to Spanish language teaching is very much informed by the knowledge of language as a system with varying structures by which particular linguistic functions are realized. Learning another language is not solely a process of translation of words from one language to another, but wrapping your head around the fact that meaning and intent may be expressed differently in one language versus another. Learning a language is not a passive venture. I encourage students to really engage and apply themselves. This is an opportunity to get a solid foundation in learning Spanish in preparation for further language study at the university level or elsewhere.

Business and Accounting:

I'm set to teach ACC111 this fall (2019) and am really looking forward to it. After my experience working in the field of accounting, this helps with the realization of one of my key goals.

I spent a great deal of my professional working experience  in managerial accounting and financial/operations reporting within a large multinational organization. My roles varied over the years and have included that of plant accounting manager, finance manager, division general accounting manager, and division operations finance lead. 

As a professional in managerial accounting, I became very well acquainted with and have worked through the business and planning cycle of a major, highly complex organization. I have had extensive experience in general ledger accounting and analysis, management of month-end close activities, forecasting activities (including profit planning - next year budget planning and strategic planning - five to ten year outlook), internal financial statement analysis, cost accounting, capital and fixed asset tracking, and operations (manufacturing) reporting and analysis.

I look forward to sharing that experience and knowledge with students as they pursue studies in business and accounting.

Academic Interests 
Include: Linguistics and Languages in Contact - English lexified Creoles and associated historical and cultural impacts in the ‘new world’, and Dialects of Spanish in Central America and the Caribbean; Second Language Acquisition (SLA) - Teaching English as a second language, and English language learning; Business and Accounting – fundamentals of accounting practices, streamlining of managerial accounting practices, fraud and ethics in managerial accounting practices
Classes Current Teaching
Name Title Term Days Times/Dates
ACC111 View class details for Accounting Principles I (ACC111)Accounting Principles I FAL19 TR 10:00am - 11:15am
AUG 20 - DEC 13
ACC111 View class details for Accounting Principles I (ACC111)Accounting Principles I FAL19 TR 10:00am - 11:15am
AUG 20 - DEC 13
COMM_ED200-10007 View class details for ESL Foundations HI (COMM_ED200-10007)ESL Foundations HI FAL19 MW 7:15pm - 8:45pm
SEP 9 - DEC 4
SPA101 View class details for Elementary Spanish I (SPA101)Elementary Spanish I FAL19 TR 5:20pm - 7:00pm
AUG 20 - DEC 13
SPA101 View class details for Elementary Spanish I (SPA101)Elementary Spanish I FAL19 TR 2:45pm - 4:25pm
AUG 20 - DEC 13