Erin M. Blomstrand

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English Faculty
Primary Department:
 Phone: 623.935.8332
 Location: ARO 242
Monday - Friday:
11:00 am-12:00 pm
Office Hours Additional Information 
You are welcome to stop by my office on a “drop-in” basis or make an appointment. If you make an appointment it will guarantee that I will be available. If you drop-in, please keep in mind that although my door is always open, I may have deadlines, meetings, or other commitments. Please keep in mind that I cannot meet with each student every single day of the week. I will balance my time to be as fair as possible to all of you. On evenings and weekends, please feel free to email me. At times I do not have access on the evenings or weekends, I will respond as soon as I can (24-48 hours) or by the following Monday. Office Hours on Friday are by appointment only.


PhD in Post-Secondary Education (ABD)
Capella University
M.A. in English
Mills College, Oakland, CA
B.A. in English, Specialization in New Voices
California State University, Hayward
A.A. in General Education
Diablo Valley Community College

I'm 80% psychic, was an evil magician and mermaid in a past life, and have been educating students at EMCC since 2004.  I love my job which I define as: to help you find success in my class(es) and in college, and I will do whatever is possible and within reason to make that happen. 

Currently I'm teaching:

  • ENG101: Freshman Composition (Fall & Spring, 5-Week class)
  • ENG102: Freshman Composition (Fall & Spring, 5-Week class)
  • ENH202: World Literature after the Renaissance (Fall, Online)
  • ENH221: British Lit before 1800 (Fall, Online)
  • ENH235: Survey of Gothic Literature (Fall, Online)
  • ENH251: Mythology (Spring, 5-Week class)
  • ENH284: 19th Century Women Writers (Spring, Online)
  • ENH291: Children's Literature (Spring, Online)
  • ENH295: Banned & Censorship (Fall & Spring, Online)

If you have any questions about the classes I teach, the materials I use or my teaching philosophy, please feel free to email me with the heading: COURSE QUESTION and include your first and last name.

Academic Interests 
I find myself continuously drawn to literature of the long 18th Century (1650-1850), Gothic literature, women’s literature of all periods, literature of the Harlem Renaissance, pop culture, film, body image, mass media, censorship, and feminist issues. My non-educational interests include reading, watching film and TV, swimming, drawing/painting, art journaling and art crawls, attending Phoenix and San Diego Comic Cons, and spending time with my family and friends. Teaching Philosophy & Expectations of the Instructor: I believe my job is to help you be successful in my class and I will do whatever is possible and within reason to make that happen. I employee many teaching methods in my class such as self-directed learning in which students follow guided prompts to complete assignments independently, collaborative learning in which students work in pairs or groups to solve problems, active learning in which students engage in learning experiences that develop critical thinking and communication, and modeling in which students learn through example and trail-and-error. In my classes you will have multiple opportunities to practice various styles of writing, and you will learn more about your personal writing style through course assignments. You will also learn to share your ideas with others, opening yourself up to a wide variety of perspectives and opinions. I expect you to keep an open mind and to participate willingly. I expect you to participate fully, be prepared, complete assignments on time, ask questions when you’re unsure or need clarification, seek assistance from Student Support Services as needed or required, and to enjoy yourself as you learn. My expectations are high because I believe in your ability to develop yourself and because I know what is possible.
College Service 
2014-Present, Faculty Advior EMCC Drama Club
2008-Present, Faculty Presenter on Scholarship Essays for Scholarship 101
2012-Present, Arts & Composition Faculty Senate Rep
2007-Present, Love Your Body Committee Member
2007-Present, Domestic Violence Awareness Committee Member
2007-Present, AIDS Awareness Committee Member
2007-Present, Women's History Month Committee Member
2008--2013, Faculty Coordinator, Title V, Organizational Culture
Modern Language Association
Frances Burney Society
Jane Austen Society