Jeffrey Miller

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Biology Faculty
Primary Department:
 Phone: 623.935.8708
 Location: EST S 242A
Monday: 8:15 am-9:00 am
Tuesday: 10:00 am-11:00 am
Wednesday: 8:15 am-9:00 am
Thursday: 10:00 am-11:00 am
Friday: 8:15 am-9:00 am
Office Hours Additional Information 
Additional office hours Mon and Wed, 11:00-12:00 in EST S242A MWF 8:15 office hours held in MON102. All other office hours held in EST S242A.


B.S. in Zoology
University of Wisconsin - Madison (1985-1989)
Ph.D. in Cell and Developmental Biology
Duke University, Durham, NC (1989-1995)
Post-doctoral Fellow
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Washington - Seattle (1995-2000)
Assistant Professor
University of Minnesota (2000-2007)
Estrella Mountain Community College (2007-present)
Academic Interests 
Cell and developmental biology, Marine biology, The science of teaching and learning; Curriculum design; Teaching science through civic engagement
College Service 
Co-Chair for Guided Pathways; Staffing committee
District Service 
EMCC Co-Chair for Guided Pathways
Publications & Intellectual Contributions 

Selected Research Publications

“Enabled (Xena) regulates neural plate morphogenesis, apical constriction, and cellular adhesion required for neural tube closure in Xenopus”, Roffers-Agarwal J, Xanthos JB, Kragtorp KA, Miller JR, Dev Biol. 314:393-403, (2008).

“Integrin alpha5 is required for somite rotation and boundary formation in Xenopus”, Kragtorp KA, Miller JR, Dev Dyn. 236(9):2713-2720, (2007).

 “Regulation of otic vesicle development by Ena/VASP-like (Evl) during Xenopus development”, Wanner SJ, and Miller JR, J. Cell Science 120:2641-2651, (2007).

“Regulation of somitogenesis by Ena/VASP proteins and FAK during Xenopus development”, Kragtorp KA, and Miller JR, Development 133,685-695, (2006).

“Establishment of the dorsal-ventral axis in Xenopus embryos coincides with the dorsal enrichment of Dishevelled that is dependent on cortical rotation”, Miller JR, Rowning BA, Larabell CA, Yang-Snyder JA, Bates RL, and Moon RT, J. Cell Biol. 146:427-437, (1999).

“Nuclear beta-catenin is required to specify vegetal cell fates in the sea urchin embryo”, Logan CY, Miller JR, Ferkowicz MJ, and McClay DR, Development 126:345-357, (1999).

“Differential recruitment of Dishevelled provides signaling specificity in the Planar Cell Polarity and Wingless signaling pathways”, Axelrod JD, Miller JR, Shulman JM, Moon RT, and Perrimon N, Genes & Dev. 12:2610-2622, (1998)

“Analysis of the signaling activities of localization mutants of beta-catenin during axis specification in Xenopus”, Miller JR and Moon RT, J. Cell Biol. 139:229-244, (1997).

“Establishment of the dorso-ventral axis in Xenopus embryos is presaged by early asymmetries in beta-catenin that are modulated by the Wnt signaling pathway”, Larabell CA, Torres M, Rowning BA, Yost C, Miller JR, Wu M, Kimelman D, and Moon RT, J. Cell Biol. 136:1123-136, (1997).

“Characterization of the role of cadherin in regulating cell adhesion during sea urchin development”, Miller JR and McClay DR, Dev. Biol. 192:323-339, (1997).

“Changes in the pattern of adherens junction associated beta-catenin accompany morphogenesis in the sea urchin embryo”, Miller JR and McClay DR, Dev. Biol. 192:310-322, (1997).

“A frizzled homolog functions in a vertebrate Wnt signaling pathway”, Yang-Snyder JA, Miller JR, Brown JD, Lai CJ, and Moon RT, Curr. Biol. 6:1302-1306, (1996).

“The axis-inducing activity, stability and subcellular distribution of beta-catenin is regulated in Xenopus embryos by glycogen synthase kinase 3”, Yost C, Torres M, Miller JR, Huang E, Kimelman D, and Moon RT, Genes & Dev. 10:1443-1454, (1996).

“Dynamics of thin filopodia during sea urchin gastrulation”, Miller J, Fraser SE, and McClay DR, Development 121:2501-2511, (1995).

Recent Professional Development Activities 

Volunteer for the National Park Service - Participated in electrofishing project to remove invasive species from Bright Angel Creek, Grand Canyon Nation Park.  Click here for more information.

Volunteer for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - Participated in survey of shark populations in the Gulf of Mexico onboard NOAA Ship Oregon II.  Click here for more information.

Classes Current Teaching
Name Title Term Days Times/Dates
BIO145 View class details for Marine Biology (BIO145)Marine Biology SPR20 MWF 9:00am - 9:50am
JAN 13 - MAY 8
BIO145 View class details for Marine Biology (BIO145)Marine Biology SPR20 MWF 10:00am - 10:50am
JAN 13 - MAY 8
BIO145 View class details for Marine Biology (BIO145)Marine Biology SPR20 MWF 11:00am - 11:50am
JAN 13 - MAY 8
BIO145 View class details for Marine Biology (BIO145)Marine Biology SPR20 MWF 12:00pm - 12:50pm
JAN 13 - MAY 8