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M.S. in Justice Studies, B.S. in History, minor in Political Theory, A.A. General Studies
Arizona State University, Tempe AZ; Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ; Glendale Community College, Glendale, AZ

"Strong people don't need strong leaders" - Ella Baker

Professor Justine Hecht joins Estrella Mountain Community College after successful completion of her M.S. Justice Studies degree at Arizona State University, having received her B.S. in History and Political Theory at Northern Arizona University, she is a local Arizonan through and through. 

Justine's classes are designed around student-centered learning that strives to support students as they actively engage and analyze historical events and concepts. Her pedagogy is driven by the Socratic method and classes consist of lecture, discussions, debate, creative group work, and critical social inquiry. Justine is incredibly passionate about teaching, believing that education can provide us with the language needed to connect our individual and social experiences. 

Her current research is a project in local cartography--positioning the State of Arizona as dystopia and local social movements as alternative and present utopias, Justine is working to map the historical relationship between the desires of social movements and the State. 

Justine resides in the Downtown, Phoenix Art District with her two cats, Charlie and Oompa. When not teaching or engaging in research, she can usually be found either hiking in the woods or somewhere on the dance floor! 


Fall 2015

HIS103 - United States History to 1865 (AAEC)

Spring 2016

HIS104 - United States History 1865 to Present (AAEC)

HIS102 - Western Civilization 1789 to Present 

Academic Interests 
Social movements, feminism and feminist pedagogy, Black radical thought, utopian thought, local histories, alternative resistance, and prison abolition
College Service 
Women's History Month Committee, 2015; E2 Mentor, 2015
Publications & Intellectual Contributions 

Preparing for Publication - Occupy Phoenix: Whiteness and the Emancipatory Limits of Democracy as Process