Liahla Marie Roberts

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Student Services Specialist Senior
Primary Department:
 Phone: 623.935.8424
 Location: MON 210-7


College Service 
2015, STEM Committee. 2015, Hermanas District Committee
STEM Mentor (EMCC Engage Estrella) since 2016
Building STEM/STEAM community outreach events that targeting 200-6000 attendee
Working with k-12 educators, and Chief Science Officers (CSO’s)to bring out STEM/STEAM in the community, helping develop realistic achievable ideas that bring STEM/STEAM to their schools, communities, industry, and government
Jedi Mentor for the CSO program with Arizona SciTech. This is in collaboration with EMCC STEM efforts since 2013
District Service 
2015, Hermanas Maricopa Colleges District Committee