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Sociology Faculty
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 Phone: 623.935.8592
 Location: EST N 262
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I am on sabbatical from August 10, 2018 until May 10, 2019. I won't be on campus. Please contact Dr. Pablo Landeros with any questions. Have a wonderful academic year!


M.S. and Ph.D. in Sociology
University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies
Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

I have been teaching at the college level since 1993, when I was a graduate student. My adventure at EMCC started in August 2003 as the Sociology Residential Faculty member, and that adventure continues each day when I step foot on our campus. It has been a wonderful, exciting learning experience for me and the students. I truly enjoy my career each day and look forward to being in the classroom, where we all learn together. You can also find me outside of the classroom, organizing, and participating in an event. If you see someone wearing a hat and hammering a stake into the grass, it is probably me putting up a student display. Events on campus focus on social justices, my passion. I consider myself a full time social activist and I incorporate social activism into my teaching. I am also advisor of the Feminist Club and you are welcome to join us!

I have traveled extensively (Greece, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Italy, Tibet, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Vietnam, Antarctica, India, Cambodia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Norway, Rwanda, Mexico etc.) and enjoy learning about new cultures and social issues around the globe. At the same time, I find it important that I practice self-care as a social activist. I enjoy meditation, exercise, reading, roaming around downtown Phoenix, and getting to the beach when possible.

My most memorable trip is when I went to Tanzania and volunteered at an orphanage. It was an incredible experience for me to witness first hand the impact that AIDS has on children and how organizations are trying to educate and take care of these orphaned children. I will be visiting Tanzania this summer 2017 and including a gorilla trek in Rwanda.

If you see me on campus, please stop by and introduce yourself!

Academic Interests 
TEACHING: SOC 101-Introduction to Sociology, SOC 130-Sexuality, SOC 241-Race and Ethnic Relations, SOC 157-Marriage and Family, SOC 212-Gender and Society, SOC 266- Sociology Thru Film