Rene J. Rodriguez

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Manufacturing Technology Faculty
Primary Department:
 Phone: 623.935.8503
 Location: WestMEC SW A-214
Monday: 3:00 pm-5:00 pm
Tuesday: 1:00 pm-3:45 pm
Wednesday: 3:00 pm-5:00 pm
Office Hours Additional Information 
I can meet at other times by appointment. Email me for appointments.


Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering
Recinto Universitario de Mayaguez, University of Puerto Rico

I have over 26 years of experience working in manufacturing, electrical/electronic components and IT. I worked with Intel for 21 years and 5 years with StorageTek.

I am an avid DIY and problem solver and have a broad technical experience.

I have been teaching at EMCC since August 2015. I have taught Technical Math, DC/AC Electricity, Electronics, Motor Controls, PLCs, Mechatronics, Manufacturing and Computer Science.

 My favorite activities include arts, dance and anything outdoor.

Academic Interests 
Physics, Electricity, Electronics, Automation, Manufacturing, Arts and Education.
College Service 
Engage Estrella 2016, 2017
IOTY Selection Committee 2019
Scheduling committee 2019
HLC committees 2019
Skilled Trades Expo 2017, 2018, 2019
NCCER Core Instructor
Classes Current Teaching
Name Title Term Days Times/Dates
AIT125 View class details for Electrical Systems 1 (AIT125)Electrical Systems 1 FAL20 TR 6:15pm - 7:05pm
AUG 25 - DEC 18
ELC119 View class details for Concepts of Electricity and Electronics (ELC119)Concepts of Electricity and Electronics FAL20 MW 6:00pm - 8:40pm
AUG 24 - OCT 16
ELC120 View class details for Solid State Fundamentals (ELC120)Solid State Fundamentals FAL20 TR 7:15pm - 8:45pm
AUG 25 - DEC 18
ELC210 View class details for AC Machinery and DC Machinery (ELC210)AC Machinery and DC Machinery FAL20 MW 6:00pm - 8:40pm
OCT 19 - DEC 11