Administrative Services

Heather A. Weber

People in this department:

Name Title Email Work Phone
Juan Manuel Alderete Technology Support Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8123
Haidar Aljumaili Technology Support Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8059
Ramon E. Avila Custodian Senior [email protected]
Pearl Ayala Custodian [email protected]
Eric Steven Betancourt HVAC Specialist [email protected]
Patti J. Blair Property Materials Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8147
James M. Blasko Police Officer [email protected] 623.935.8911
Thomas B. Bonham Network and Systems Administrator Senior [email protected] 623.935.8132
Courtney J Bourgeous Administrative Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8294
Jon P. Busier Maintenance Operations Manager [email protected] 623.935.8920
Lisa M Calderon Human Resources Analyst [email protected] 623.935.8837
Yolanda Carranza Fregoso Custodian [email protected]
Magdalena Castillo Fiscal Director [email protected] 623.935.8839
Diana Osuna Castro Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Daniel J Cazier Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Jessica M. Celeya Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Jim J. Chapa Administrative Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8296
Sandra M. Chavez Administrative Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8025
Joe Delgado Police Commander [email protected] 623.935.8928
Maritza F. Delgado Fiscal Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8074
David J. Detloff Tech Support Coordinator [email protected] 623.935.8121
Miguel Espinoza Gonzalez Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Theresa Estrada Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Teofilo Ferrer Jr Human Resources Director [email protected] 623.935.8836
Barbara J. Flores Procurement Analyst [email protected] 623.935.8482
Roderick Dewayne Franklin Police Officer [email protected]
Cesar Ricardo Fuentes HVAC Specialist [email protected]
Chad P. Galligan Associate Vice President [email protected] 623.935.8075
Reina R. Garcia Custodian [email protected]
Heliomar Gonzalez Network and Systems Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8430
Amanda Marie Guerra Human Resources Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8093
Deloy J. Hansen Police Sergeant [email protected] 480.784.0909
Bryanna Harrison Temporary Level 1 [email protected] 602.223.4014
Diane Marie Hernandez Fiscal Technician Senior [email protected]
Sarah L. Hoard Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Kimber-Lee Suzanne Jimenez Administrative Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8915
Leda Johnson Fiscal Director [email protected] 623.935.8868
Russell J Lane Police Officer [email protected]
Geneva Michelle Leyba Property Materials Technician [email protected] 623.935.8293
Nikita Lopez Human Resources Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8228
Stephen P. McCabe Maintenance Ops Spec Supervisor [email protected] 623.935.8297
Mark McKnight Info Security Officer Senior [email protected] 623.935.8187
James B. Mitter Fiscal Analyst Senior [email protected] 623.935.8842
Christopher Molinar Groundskeeper [email protected] 623.606.5379
Evan G. Moulton Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Jeremy Murphy Carpenter [email protected]
Randy L. Naughton Facilities Director [email protected] 623.935.8295
Armida P. Ortega Human Resources Analyst [email protected] 623.935.8326
Rafael J. Ortega HVAC Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8961
Robert Ortega Custodian [email protected]
Roxana E Ortiz Fiscal Technician Senior [email protected]
Aaron G. Osborn Network and Systems Engineer [email protected] 623.935.8133
Richard A Rasmussen Program Coordinator [email protected] 623.935.8248
Vidal Rivas Tech Support Coordinator [email protected] 623.935.8128
Jose A. Rodriguez Groundskeeper [email protected]
Genay M. Runyan Fiscal Specialist Senior [email protected] 623.935.8859
Louis Giron Saenz Jr Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Martha E. Saucedo Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Cynthia E Sibley Temporary Level 1 [email protected]
Elizabeth T. Silva Human Resources Support Staff [email protected] 623.935.8981
Michelle Ann Solano Custodian [email protected]
Juan Suarez Guerrero Groundskeeper [email protected]
Brandon Talley Fiscal Supervisor [email protected] 623.935.8846
Abigail Tarelo Custodian [email protected]
Ralph Teran Groundskeeper [email protected]
Michael Brian Toombs Electrician [email protected] 623.935.8292
David J. Topping Technology Support Specialist Supervisor [email protected] 623.935.8134
Patricia G. Topping Technology Support Specialist Supervisor [email protected] 623.935.8131
Bernardino O. Trevino Maintenance Ops Specialist [email protected] 623.935.8294
Michael Uribe Public Safety Assistant [email protected] 623.935.8915
Miguel Venegas Maintenance Operations Tech [email protected]
Heather A. Weber Vice President [email protected] 623.935.8840
Daniel L Wells Network and Systems Administrator [email protected] 623.935.8120
Yi Zhu Software Developer Senior [email protected] 623.935.8198
Juan Martin Zuniga Temporary Level 1 [email protected]